Hospital Dollhouse & Accessories

Using a doll house in playtherapy is a therapeutic method to assist children in coping with emotional stress and trauma. Many young children are not able to “talk” in a therapeutic setting the way that an older child or teenager can, with this “PLAY” therapy hospital set a child can use their natural means of expression to help with these difficult emotions.

Open roof layout, make it easy to access reception and every room, with ease – so it’s easy to share and play out the scene with a therapist or parent! Comes with 1 flexi doll doctor and 13pieces of furniture/accessories.

  • 1:12-scall dolls
  • Suitable for all ages


Hospital Dollhouse & Accessories


This clever design hospital playset provides a whole new opportunity that will encourage all sorts of pretend play about caring and looking after each other and is a great way to help children understand about a visit to the doctor or hospital.  This wonderful role play set has hospital beds, a wheelchair and a waiting room. The attention to detail in this hospital/medical set, will want any child want to play “doctor-doctor” and make all “patients” better as soon as possible.

Doll houses also available: Courtroom, Home and School Set or in a Combo with all 4 in one!!  Add a handmade professional doll set ideal to use with any of these sets!


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