Dice your Heart

Large dice can be used in so many play activities and it can be a valuable tool when
assessing, treating and teaching children.

It makes learning about emotions FUN!!



Dice your Heart
Big bulky wooden die = Big Fun!!

Dice your heart die can be used on their own or in activities and games that already
exist, the activity options are endless!

Ways in which you can use the die to help open up a child’s heart:
1. Throw both die at the same time, then read the sentence on dice 1 and add
the emotional word of dice 2 to complete the sentence.
Example: Make a face that shows… Angry
2. Or use the die separately:
Example: Let the child pick an emotion; see who can throw the dice to land on that
emotion first, this will ensure that the child or client gets actively involved, before
talking and dealing with the different emotions.
3. Gross motor activities

Age: The die can be adjusted for any child’s age or cognitive abilities from the age of
3 years+.


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