Sometimes I Feel... Board Game

Sometimes I feel…’Board Game.

Use this fun, interactive game to help your child learn ways to safely express difficult feelings.

This is a fun, interactive game that your kids will love!




Sometimes I Feel… Board Game

This is a fun, interactive game that your kids will love! It has the same characters from the book sets and it takes it a step further in asking questions, opening up discussions and solutions to help deal with the overwhelming feelings. For example, if you land on the angry feeling spot, you have to stamp your feet 5 times to help relieve those angry feelings. 2+ players Age – 3+

Assists with; –

Memory –
Concentration –
Focus – Literacy –
Numeracy –
Impulse control; having to wait your turn –
Emotional development –
Rrecognising and discussing feelings –
Movement How to play?
You take turns to roll the dice, use your counter to move along the board. Follow the instructions when you land on the picture spots. the winner is the first person to land on the finish line. Promote conversation and interaction when playing the game by asking questions, responding to their answers and have everyone do all the actions.

Folds down into a neat square that can be stored easily and opened out when using.

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