Sensory Hammock

Busy Little Bugs Sensory Hammocks will provide the comforting sensation of being hugged without causing over stimulation.

They are very easy to install. You can use them in family rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, waiting rooms, sensory rooms and therapy rooms.



They give your child the opportunity to develop and improve their coordination, balance, gross motor skills, muscle strength, creativity and most importantly give them hours of FUN!

Busy Little Bugs Sensory Hammocks are made of stretchable fabrics, soft, gentle and mold around the body perfectly. School age kids will also find these great as a study or reading nook, allowing them to relax and focus on school work.

Our Sensory hammock attaches to the eyebolt that is installed in the ceiling with a daisychain and a carabiner clip, so when you’re done using it unclip the carabiner, you can fold the hammock and put it away.

Our sensory swings and hammocks include:
– 1 Hammock of 5Mts.
– 2 Daisy chains of 1.2Mts.
– 2 Carbine clips 10mm.
– 1 Instruction manual.

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