Sensory Cuddly Hammocks

Busy Little Bugs Cuddly Hammocks can give your children the opportunity to develop and improve their coordination, balance, gross motor skills, muscle strength, creativity and more importantly HOURS OF FUN!


Sensory Cuddly Hammocks


Using our cuddly hammocks will really benefit your child, whether they have special needs or not. They can be used as a sensory swing too, and the can be great assets for parents with children that are proprioceptive seekers. They can also be used to supplement the sensory integration therapy.

By the purchase of this hammock you are solely responsible for the safe installation of the hammock.

Once the hammock is installed, it is your responsibility to re-check the safety and security of the equipment including the hammock, carabiner clips, daisy chains, and installation, on ceilings, beams, tree branches, etc.


1 Hammock -2 Daisy chains – 2 Carabine clips


​This cuddly hammock is made up of 5 meters of Bon Bon fabric. It is light weight, easy to manipulate, soft and supportive.

It expands about 20% downwards and about 30% sideways. Our hammocks do not have stitching for better elasticity, however they will not tear a part.

​This product is recommended for kids and teenagers with a maximum of 60kg of weight.

Each side of the single layer hammock is connected to a carabiner clip through an aerial yoga hammock knot. The carabiner clip together with the knot get attached to the supportive daisy chains which are connected to the ceiling support, exposed beams or trees.


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