Hanging Play Tent

Play tents do not only enhance the look of your therapy room or your child’s room – they also offer a number of unique therapeutic benefits!

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strong and durable.

Item is made to order. Please allow 2-3 week from purchase date until your item will couriered and please inform us of your colour choice by email: marnie@i2we.co.za.



We highly recommend tents to parents whose children are dealing with sensory issues. Children who fall within the autism spectrum also benefit from covered or semi-covered play areas, while kids dealing with various other physical and emotional issues may also find that these hanging tents offer a nurturing, safe space to play or relax.

If a child likes to escape into a private world, a tent is sure to be a great addition to any bedroom/playroom/ treatment area.

What makes them excellent for imaginative play is that they allow little ones to have their own space. The sense of feeling ‘away’ from the world provides children with a safe space to let their imaginations run free.

The canopy can be easily attached from the ceiling, or from a tree branch or hook, indoors or outdoors. You could use cushions to create a soft, comfy, quiet play area for your little one.

We use durable material for these tents and you could order your tent with your colour preference.

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