Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga Wooden Block Game

Ideal for play therapy, group therapy and quality family time!


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Jenga is the classic block-stacking game, where each person in a group takes a turn removing a single block from a tower and then balancing it on top of the tower until the structure eventually becomes so unstable that it collapses.

This well-loved game can set up easily in a small room/house/therapy space, patio, all you need is a level surface to stack the blocks.

This is a fun interactive game for individual, group therapy as well as using at home for quality time with your family.

Giant Jenga Wood blocks set: 48 (157 x 52 x 33mm)
Pine Ply Jenga Box

Contact us if you would like to order your own personalized therapeutic Jenga were you send us your 48 questions/word that we can engrave on the wooden blocks- done on quotation base only.

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