This Unique Combo includes:

  • Standard base:  This base can be adjusted to fit all 4 different sets, by changing the front view and some of the walls, you can play out 4 of the different settings/venues!
  • Hospital front view
  • Courtroom front view
  • School time front view
  • Standard dollhouse “home” view
  • Adjustable walls
  • 65 furniture pieces, including all the unique pieces;  judge’s chair, hospital theater bed, wheelchair, principal office, teachers black board, outside play area setting of school with swings and a slide and much more!!
  • 4 piece professional set of bendable dolls dressed according to their profession; judge, doctor, teacher, social worker.
  • Storage box to make storage in a playroom easy and safe

For more information on how this product is assembled as a COMBO and how adjustments are made to fit 4 different scenes/sets on one base, please do not hesitate to call us: 0828874377 or send an email to

These sets are made only on request so if you have any specific requirements or needs for your therapy room, please send me an email at and we can try to see how we can adjust the product to help suite your needs.



Dollhouse COMBO, available in 4 sets:

  • Hospital Set
  • Courtroom Set
  • School Time Set
  • Classic dollhouse Set

The standard base of the dollhouse can be adjusted to fit all 4 different sets/venues/dollhouses!  By changing the front view and some of the walls, you can play out 4 different settings/venues!!

Our newest dollhouse combo  invites kids to “play”, a therapeutic method to assist him or her in coping with emotional stress and trauma related to situations possibly in the courtroom, school, home or hospital situation. Many young children are not able to “talk” in a therapeutic setting the way that an older child or teenager can, with this “PLAY” therapy courtroom set a child can use their natural means of expression to help with these difficult emotions.

Dollhouse play is a wonderful way to develop vocabulary, narrative thinking, problem solving, and emotional awareness as children act out everyday situations and family dynamics, and in this case a day at school, procedure and tests at hospital or traumatic memories in the courtroom.  The combo set is also ‘n great tool to help prepare children for upcoming events such as testifying in court or undergoing ‘n health check up or treatment at the hospital.

The unique open-access design allows for increased storytelling and role play! It also allows for multiple child and therapist play and would make a valuable addition to a play therapy room.

Comes with 4 flexi doll and 70 pieces of furniture/accessories.

  • 1:12-Scale dolls
  • Suitable for all ages


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