Tic-Tac-emoji is a great and fun way of creating an opportunity where you can
play along and help to develop your child’s emotional intelligence and

Helping him/her recognize and name the different emotions on
the coins, will help them to understand and learn more about emotions and
how to “name” their feelings.

Tic -Tac-emoji consists of 10 positive and 10 negative emotions. This will also
create awareness of the wide range of emotions that we all experience.



Helping your child develop emotional intelligence!

Each player takes a turn to add either a positive emoji coin or a negative emoji
coin to the board. The first player to line up three of their emotions in a row,

Tic-Tac-emoji is a great activity to stimulate laughter and spend quality time
with your child. It will also help develop logic, reasoning skills and improve
attention and concentration.

This game can be very useful in therapeutic treatment to increase emotional
vocabulary and awareness and will give you the opportunity to identify and
talk about emotions experienced by the child.

Other ideas on how to use this game in therapy
– Ask the child to point out the coin he/she can relate to at that moment
and ask why.
– Combine the coins with other toys in play activities and if the child finds
a coin, as the child to tell you more about a time he/she might have
experienced this emotion.


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